Done-for-You Brand + Website Design

in Two Weeks or Less

It’s simple really…Design cannot be an afterthought. You want a site done fast and an investment that feels doable.

It’s simple really…Design cannot be an afterthought. You want a site done fast and an investment that feels doable.




A 14 day design experience for launching your unique beautifully branded website using the Soul Themes templates and Rachel Pesso.

The perfect design package for entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their brand without the cost of a completely custom built website or the overwhelm, stress, and less than professional look
of DIY.

Custom websites can be an expensive. But your brand & business is unique.

So you don’t want a site that looks like everyone else’s.

If you’re trying to keep your costs low and your vibes high, welcome to Soul Themes!

As an acclaimed website designer, I’m always booked out on a waiting list, but I saw a need for unique, soulful websites at affordable rates. That’s how Soul Themes was born.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Literally everyone loves the site.

“ I could not have asked for a better makeover for my brand. When I started working with Rachel, the talent and all of our brands accomplishments were not visible to the world, I used to think it was humble, but wasn’t seeing the growth clients. Rachel took my vision from my head and made it way better than I even expected. She made sure my brand had a clear message, users understood our mission, and could visualize it. There was no better investment I have made in my business, working with Rachel was the best money I’ve ever spent on my brand. ”

- Ashley Gootee


You are an entrepreneur who needs a brand and a 6-page website that looks unique and high-end

You want the site to reflect your soulful brand, and while you can’t drop $10K on a website, you know most beginner designers can’t capture the essence of your brand

You want the site done fast and an investment that feels spacious & doable

You’re not concerned with having a fully custom site but you still want it to look like it was made for you - not picked off a stock theme site

Powerful Vision Co-Creation

“Our Super Connector Media brand was pretty non existent when we started working with Rachel. She helped us create our logo and design our site from scratch! There were so many amazing benefits from working with Rachel! She is amazing at sticking to the timeline and is very reliable. I could always trust that everything would be done on time.

The thing I love most about how Rachel works is how interactive and collaborative the calls with her are. I got to watch her implement designs over zoom in real time so we could work together on every detail. For someone “type A” like myself, that was really helpful. I felt like we were co-creating the vision together and that was super powerful!

Rachel is a pleasure to work with! I always looked forward to our calls because she is so enthusiastic and open minded. She is fast, reliable and unbelievably creative. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Rachel for all of your design needs.

- Jenn Gotlieb & Chris Winfield

What's Included

with Soul Themes...

Visual Story Blueprint

A Selection of typefaces, colors, and brand vibe

Wordmark Logo Design

2 logo design options for your brand with the final formats of your logo provided

Wordpress Template Website

We style up to 6 pages with your content, images, colors, and typeface. The pages included in this package are: home page, about page, services pages, blog page, testimonial page, contact page.

Website Banners-

5-6 Banners for templated wordpress website

Design & Development Calls

3 calls scheduled throughout the project for the purpose of visual identity and logo design review, imagery selection for website, website reveal, and developer instructions on how to make edits or changes to site after project completion.


You’ll walk away with

An unforgettable visual identity for your brand.

A beautiful website that’s designed to convert.

Confidence to show up because you’ll have a tailored, professional online presence you adore.

Ability to increase influence and make an impact with your community.


Everything you need to know.

Once you sign a contract and make your initial deposit, you will be responsible for providing us with your domain and hosting, images you want used on the site, and the copy to be used on the pages.  

We will provide you with a  list of where to get your domain and hosting from and the steps to get it done. Once purchased you will provide us with the login information and anything else the developer needs to get started. As for the copy you will provide that via a google or word doc for us to place on the site.

We want to make sure that you are able to make minor changes or updates to your site on your own after our work is completed, so you will have a video  tutorial from the developer instructing you how to make changes in the future. 

Yes! Rachel will be overseeing the entire project and will be the one you speak to on 2 of the 3 Design & Development Calls. She will offer support and answer any questions you may have during those calls.

We strive to make sure that you are satisfied and thrilled with the look of your new website and branding and that is why instead of just selling the templates without assistance this program was created. Due to the quick turnaround and nature of this work, there are no refunds. 

The website templates are built in WordPress. 

Yes, but we do include a logo wordmark with your package but if you already have a logo that you love we are happy to use that on your new site!

Yep! 6 pages are included in the package but we can add in other pages for an additional cost. During your FREE consultation we can determine what 6 pages you have an if there are any additional that need to be added to the package. 

Yes! You will need to purchase your domain name and hosting if you don't already have that. 


We strive to make sure that you are satisfied and thrilled with the look of your new website and branding and that is why instead of just selling the templates without assistance this program was created. Due to the quick turnaround and nature of this work no refunds will be given.

At any time when it becomes apparent that you are not equally as invested in the success of the project, we reserve the right to terminate at any point. This includes not making decisions, delayed approvals, consistently being disrespectful to those assigned to the project and/or compromising the integrity of the project. Your contract will be void and no refund will be issued.

FirsT come first serve

Due to the collaborative nature of this design experience, it’s availability and current pricing are on a first come first serve basis. These templates were created due to increased demand for my design and branding expertise, so I fully expect to sell out and waitlist Soul Themes very soon.

List Growth within the first 24 hours

“Before working with Rachel my website was literally a blog. The coaching business may be the only business where you can create six figures on a very basic site, but my site didn’t even say what I did. After five years, it was time to finally have a site that was a true reflection of my coaching business and also a reflection of a whole new rebrand.

The greatest benefit I experienced working with Rachel was her design skills. She truly created something gorgeous that was completely in line with my photos and with my message. It’s seamless and I love all the design elements that make it so eye catching and memorable.

The response on social media was huge! I got about 20 emails from my list congratulating me on the site and had about 27 downloads of the free gift within the first day or so.

Another great thing was how Rachel will work on the site WITH you. It is a very collaborative process and I loved how we workshopped the pages together and I was able to participate. I’m really visual, so it helped me to put all the pieces together and see the full flow of the site. Rachel is committed to making a site you LOVE.”

nikol Rogers

Meet Rachel
I’m a storyteller, art director and big-hearted humanitarian. I design beautiful websites ( like this one ) to showcase your big vision. With 10+ years experience, I blend high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love to design who you are online. I believe passion should lead every step of our lives.

“The things we love – exploring the world, telling stories, transforming perspectives and spending time with the people who matter most, should never come second to the way we work. They should be woven into the fabric of every step, every offering, and every heart beat of your brand and vision.”

Recent clients include Jonathan Fields, Laverne Cox (Orange is The New Black), Lori Harder, and Heather Ashamara. Each entrepreneur is a trailblazer leveraging their voice to create irresistible impact in a world that deeply
desires it.

here’s the truth

You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

In a saturated market, attention spans are not what they used to be and if you don’t stand out you will be skipped over. What I know for sure is your voice matters and your work matters.

This process is about more than having a beautiful website (though you will), but it will give you the clarity you need for yourself, your business, and your vision. The question is are you ready to answer the call and go to the next level?

Soul Themes

Visual Story Blueprint (valued at $2,500)

Wordmark Logo Design (valued at $1,000)

Website Banners (valued at $1,000)

WordPress Template Website Development (valued at $1,500)

Design & Development Calls (valued at $2,000)

Total Value = $8,000